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C++ Hat random container

anglewyrm at hotmail dot com
Last modified2004-09-16 17:50:56
Linkhttp://home.comcast.net/ ~anglewyrm/ hat.html
DescriptionThe hat container derives it's name from the act of pulling names from a hat. It is a container that provides random selection of a set of items, where the items can have differing probabilities, and can either be removed like cards from a deck, or come up again like rolling dice. It is a non-sequential associative container which uses probability weights as keys to its item values. Both the weights and the items can be modified, and neither is required to be unique.
CategoryC++ Libraries
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Apprendre le C++ by guest 2005-04-12 07:01:09
Nycodem, je vous conseille vivement d'aller a Yahoo-France (http://fr.yahoo.com/) et de Rechercher:
"C++" + tutorial

Vous trouverai des tutorials qui vous aideront, si vous vous y mettez. C'est un peu lent a commencer, mais il faut comprendre les bases. Apres, tout se met en place.

Bonne chance, et courage!
Hello by guest 2005-03-15 23:59:24
i search runtime libarie for libxml2 anyone know where to get it?
besoin d'aide by nycodem (nycom15 at hotmail dot com) 2005-03-08 12:10:39
je suis togolais debutant en programmation et je desir apprendre le c++. je besoin de votre aide a tous pour reussir dans ce entreprise que je sais deja tres fastudieux.
merci a tous
Some examples would be nice by guest 2005-02-22 17:58:03
Some examples on the applications of this lib would be nice.
Revision 1.59 by AngleWyrm (anglewyrm at hotmail dot com) 2004-10-25 00:21:04
v1.59 adds improved support for const_iterator usage.
Revision 1.58 by AngleWyrm (anglewyrm at hotmail dot com) 2004-10-18 03:41:59
Version 1.58 is now up, which adds boost::random integration, improved speed, const_iterator, and several bug fixes.
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