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Last modified2004-06-29 11:13:51
Linkhttp://the-agency.sourceforge.net/ xoops
DescriptionXerces-C++ is a validating XML parser written in a portable subset of C++. Xerces-C++ makes it easy to give your application the ability to read and write XML data. A shared library is provided for parsing, generating, manipulating, and validating XML documents. This is the devpak release for use with the Dev-C++ IDE and gcc-3.3.1 or higher.
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Downloadhttp://the-agency.sourceforge.net/ xoops/ modules/ mydownloads/ visit.php? cid=5& lid=2
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xerces-c_2_5_0 devpak issues by guest 2005-05-11 05:57:29
Using Bloodshed Version

Downloaded xerces-c_2_5_0 devpak. Installed. When I link, I get the errors:

[Linker error] undefined reference to `xercesc_2_5::XMLUni::fgXercescDefaultLocale'


Have set the path to the lib directory containing the xcerces-c_2_5_0.dll. Also set the lib path to the xerces_2_5_0/lib directory.

according to the devpak this release is "Dev-C++ IDE and gcc-3.3.1 or higher."

Any help would be appreciated!!!!!!!
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