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Last modified2004-06-17 16:58:49
DescriptionRuntimes : http://ibarz.julien.free.fr/package/glib-2.2.1/glib-runtime-2.2.1.zip

GLib is a lower-level library that provides many useful definitions and functions available for use when creating GDK and GTK applications. These include definitions for basic types and their limits, standard macros, type conversions, byte order, memory allocation, warnings and assertions, message logging, timers, string utilities, hook functions, a lexical scanner, dynamic loading of modules, and automatic string completion. A number of data structures (and their related operations) are also defined, including memory chunks, doubly-linked lists, singly-linked lists, hash tables, strings (which can grow dynamically), string chunks (groups of strings), arrays (which can grow in size as elements are added), balanced binary trees, N-ary trees, quarks (a two-way association of a string and a unique integer identifier), keyed data lists (lists of data elements accessible by a string or integer id), relations and tuples (tables of data which can be indexed on any number of fields), and caches.
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Downloadhttp://ibarz.julien.free.fr/ package/ glib-2.2.1/ glib-dev-2.2.1.DevPak
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