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lafriks at nix dot lv
Last modified2004-02-20 20:28:46
Linkhttp://www.libsdl.org/ projects/ SDL_image/
DescriptionSDL_image 1.2.3
An image file loading library.
It loads images as SDL surfaces, and supports the following
Depends onSDL-1.2.6
Downloadhttp://test.nix.lv/ devpak/ SDL_image-1.2.3.DevPak
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link by guest 2007-11-12 21:28:50
Borked =( by guest 2005-09-30 01:19:59
Using the SDL 1.2.8 devpak and the SDL_Image devpak gives this runtime error immediately when I run any program that uses SDL_Image:

The procedure entry point SDL_Error could not be located in the dynamic link library SDL.dll.

It then crashes. SDL on its own works fine. Maybe its a problem with having version 1.2.8? Please update the devpak! Thanks!
-lSDL_image by guest 2004-11-30 10:45:40
In DevC++ I added -lSDL_image to the linker parameters and always get "cannot find -lSDL_image".

What's wrong with this?
re: Neds a rebuild by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2004-10-18 17:48:50
It should work now.
re: Neds a rebuild by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2004-10-04 01:42:41
that's another problem, see this:
Neds a rebuild by guest 2004-10-03 23:20:27
These need to be rebuilt to depend off of SDL >= 1.2.6 or 1.2.7.
As I can't install them w/ the SDL 1.2.7 DevPak installed.
Am I lame or what :)? by guest 2004-09-01 18:35:30
Oh, crap. I dunno - maybe it really doesnt work or I just am not able to link it. I tried -lSDL_image many times without succeeding. Tried to link absolute file path to library - nah - tried to rename SDL_image.a to libSDL_image.a [like other SDL libraries] - nah, isnt working.
Posibly not working by Lafriks (lafriks at nix dot lv) 2004-05-06 10:48:46
I have got report that this pakage doesn't work! I will try to
fix this as soon as I'll have time.
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