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Last modified2005-05-15 20:37:01
DescriptionAllegro 4.2.0 beta 3 -- a game programming library.
Depends on
Downloadhttp://sourceforge.net/ project/ showfiles.php? group_id=94270& package_id=106338& release_id=327530
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2 runtime by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2005-01-28 17:42:00
the devpak contains both DLL version and statically linked version. See File\New\Project\MultiMedia tab\Allegro application (static)
runtime by guest 2005-01-28 17:00:51
downloading the devpak then doubleclicking on it installs it (assuming devcpp is already installed). I found that the exe produced needed aleg40.dll so I copied it from the devcpp\dll folder to my project folder. It would be nice to be able to compile it so you didn't need the dll.
Re: allegro .net by guest 2004-11-21 23:11:04
1) easiest is to use precompiled version http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/alleg/all403_bin.zip?download

2) if you want to build Allegro yourself simply follow docs/build/msvc.txt (online at http://alleg.sourceforge.net/onlinedocs/en/build/msvc.html )

3) this isn't good place for disscusion about that, you should try http://www.allegro.cc/forums/board/2
allegro .net by guest 2004-11-21 17:50:55
How can i build allegro to work with .Net 2003 or 2005?

Re: Folder not there? by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2004-10-31 01:42:09
I'm not sure what you exactly mean but:
header files are installed into dev-cpp\include
library files are installed into dev-cpp\lib
exe files are installed into dev-cpp\bin
documentation into dev-cpp\docs\allegro
alleg41.dll into dev-cpp\dll and Windows system directory
other parts of Allegro (like examples etc.) are in the Allegro supplement devpak which creates dev-cpp\allegro directory and installs into it

you can always see where are the files installed in the Package manager on the Files tab of Package details panel
Folder not there? Cont. by guest 2004-10-27 14:32:43
Update on the folder hunt- I still can't find it, but i found an allegro library in a completely different folder (mingw32 found in the c:\devc++\) so i used that. the trouble is that i can't run it without some kind of Allegro40 dll file which stregnthens my belief that i installed this wrong in some way.
Folder not there? by guest 2004-10-26 20:26:36
Noob talking, starting from a book;
When I install Allegro using the devpack and the package manager in Dev-C++ , everything there looks alright. When I try to link the allegro library to the program I am creating, it tells me to look around my C:\devc++ folder for the \Allegro folder but I can't find an allegro folder there, or anywhere around it. Is this a bug, or am I simply looking in the wrong place...or something...
Yo by guest 2004-10-23 15:29:04
Yo man!This rockz!
Re: question by guest 2004-10-12 20:49:15
The instructions refer to the make utility that comes with MinGW, which they have renamed mingw32-make.

question: by guest 2004-09-30 07:14:41
how do i make the library? since there is no "make" program. it tells me to type make, but there is only fix.bat in the whole zip file. how do i make the library? i just copy it over?
Static linking by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2004-07-30 14:31:37
Do not install DirectX 9 devpak from PlanetMirror if you want static linking to work!
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