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Pixel Toaster

PackagerMatthew Orlando
m_orlando at comcast dot net
Last modified2005-04-22 01:20:15
DescriptionA C++ library for realtime software rendering. (The successor to OpenPTC)
CategoryC++ Libraries 2D Graphics
Depends on
Downloadhttp://home.comcast.net/ ~m_orlando/ PixelToaster/ PixelToaster-1.0.2-2.DevPak
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stupid people by guest 2006-05-19 08:05:17
how fucking stupid are you people? its a directx program, so install the latest version of directx! =p
re:FILE NOT FOUND by guest 2006-05-18 04:06:37
install the latest version of directx!!! that should fix your problem in notime :)
d3d9.dll by guest 2005-10-30 00:51:51
put d3d9.dll in teh same directory as the exe
d3d9.dll by guest 2005-10-30 00:51:28
put d3d9.dll in teh same directory as the exe
TinyPTC by guest 2005-08-19 14:36:56
When will there be a TinyPTC devpak...?
ignorant by guest 2005-07-06 11:11:05
how exactly do you install a devpak?
Re: FILE NOT FOUND by mol (michal at molhanec dot net) 2005-05-03 02:27:17
d3d9.dll is part of DirectX Runtime.
FILE NOT FOUND by drewware (dreware321 at hotmail dot com) 2005-05-03 01:33:45
"This application has failed to start because d3d9.dll was not found. Reinstalling this application may fix this problem." pops up wenever i try to run the program!
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