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TamusJRoyce at hotmail dot com
Last modified2005-02-20 02:28:16
Linkhttp://www.cs.virginia.edu/ c++programdesign/ software/
DescriptionEzWindows is an API that is used as a learning tool to help people taking computer science understand how to program.

Please get the book this API was made for to understand how this library works before downloading this package, and then go to http://www.cs.virginia.edu/c++programdesign/software/ to download the full version of this api before installing this dev-pak.

Also, please thank the Great programmers at http://www.cs.virginia.edu/ who made this api's source viewable and cross compile-able.
CategoryLearning Tool
Depends on
Downloadhttp://www.pen.eiu.edu/ ~cujrg9/ EzWindows.DevPak
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Don't Download This by TamusRoyce (TamusJRoyce at hotmail dot com) 2006-11-19 11:48:09
This is the person who posted this devpak way back when I was a freshman. I was so glad I got something to compile of this magnitude (for me) that I qickly posted it. I am sorry for the trouble I have made. I was a noob.

Anyways, why I post this is because this should be deleted. Though no longer maintained by the authors, it is not licensed as GPL. I cannot edit anything in old.devpacks. I tried much earlier--just after the system switched. I never thought about posting a message about it, though.

Also, thie file this links to is no longer available.
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