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SDL_image 1.2.4

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Last modified2005-01-25 18:11:47
Linkhttp://www.libsdl.org/ projects/ SDL_image/
DescriptionSDL_image is an image file loading library. Devpak by Rafael Ugalde.
Depends onSDL-1.2.8 libjpeg 6b-4 zlib 1.2.2 libpng 1.2.8 libtiff 3.4beta037
Downloadhttp://sourceforge.net/ project/ showfiles.php? group_id=94270& package_id=141519& release_id=298331
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Nevermind by guest 2006-03-28 12:33:04
The libpng12.dll I found worked when I used SDL 1.2.8 instead of 1.2.9. Goddamn im still confused as to why 12 is asked for not 13 which is supplied etc. But I got it working..
sdl_image + libpng12/13?? by guest 2006-03-28 12:19:49
Ok so I installed SDL 1.2.9, This package and libpng 1.2.2. This gives a nicely compiled program without any errors. libpng13.dll is provided with the png 1.2.8 package but my program asks for libpng12.dll.. whats the go with that? i've tried downloading other libpng12.dll's and it doesnt like them either i get some weird error. but why would it ask for 12 when its dependancy has 13?
- AstroBoi
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