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fiammy at yahoo dot com
Last modified2004-10-27 11:04:42
Linkhttp://developer.nvidia.com/ object/ cg_toolkit.html
Descriptionthe nVidia Cg 'C for Graphics' devpack
Category3D Graphics
Depends on
Downloadhttp://nebula.sourceforge.net/ modules/ mydownloads/ visit.php? cid=3& lid=7
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cg devpack has gone.. by alephzero (alephzero at free dot fr) 2005-09-04 02:23:05
Where could I find the cg devpack ? The link above is dead and I absolutely need it :/
Works... by guest 2005-01-29 06:09:34
I posted a little example on the DevC++ forums, so you can test your install with the nvidia "hello" example, using GLUT and Cg. I used the version of GLUT from DevPaks.org.
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